Books that have been Communication Power Ups

Fixing my handwriting was a power up for me in that having handwriting that myself and others can actually read has been a huge win.

I’ve read two books recently that were business related that have also been power ups, so I thought I would share them.

Back of the Napkin

As a visual person, this guide book on how to explain things visually in a business context was a huge powerup. My ability to explain things to people is easily four times better than it was, because I’m now embracing my visual side.

This book on Business Model Generation was great about breaking down the pieces of your business into definable parts. They talk about it as a strategy tool, but its really a visual communication tool, the strategy part is communicating with others in your company about your business model. They have a companion website and iPad app, but as an engineer moving up into the business realm, its given me great insights in how to think about the business.

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