You can fix your handwriting in 4 hours

My hand writing was awful. But I fixed it. Here’s the before picture.


Note that its not even handwriting, its printing. That’s because like most people, I gave up on handwriting.

Here’s the thing. Handwriting, or rather, connecting letters is faster than printing. That’s why it was invented. The problem though was that our educational system regularly innovates without actually seeing if its better. So they introduced ball and stick printing, coupled with cursive.

Cursive doesn’t work. If you were taught cursive and you have legible handwriting, you ignored the rules you were taught. For most of us, we just got used to having bad handwriting.

Recently, I decided to fix my handwriting, and I found out it was stupidly easy. So I decided to share what I did.

Here’s my handwriting after spending 15 minutes/day practicing italic handwriting. This is a note card I dashed off to hand to my employees with some action items I needed them to follow through as a hot potato. So it’s not even an example of a formal hand that I took time with but its legible enough I could hand it to others.


It was stupidly easy to fix my handwriting. Here’s what you have to do:

Buy a Lami Safari Fountain Pen

Strictly speaking, you don’t need a fountain pen to fix your handwriting. But they’re awesome. Fountain pens use the surface tension of the ink to pull the ink onto the page, which is super elegant. Picture touching your finger to the surface of a glass of water until the water reaches up and grabs your finger. That’s how lightly you have to press with a fountain pen. Since you don’t have to make a ball roll via friction, you don’t have to cramp up your fingers. It was getting a fountain pen that motivated me to fix my handwriting.

Lami Safari

Get “Fix it…Write”

Ok, this is the program I followed to fix my handwriting. I learned that there was no need for me to join all of my letters together, that’s not necessary. I also threw out all of the cursive letters that end up being illegible, like the cursive “r” that always ends up looking like an “n”. A lot of little tweaks like that made a big deal.

Fix it Write from authors web page.

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