The Volt At one year Old

The Volt at one year old

My volt is the best car I’ve ever owned. I’ve had it for a year now. I that time I’ve driven 6800 miles, 5800 of which were pure electric. The 1000 non electric miles were from a trip to LA in December. My average MPG is 217.

You can see my stats here.

Things you can’t tell from the stats:

  • I spent $0 on maintenance. Doesn’t need it, and oil changes are every two years.
  • The government gave me $9000 for driving the volt while my 0% interest payments were $7200. Basically, the government paid me $1800 to drive this car for a year.
  • Driving in the diamond lane saves me 20–40 minutes a day which means I had an extra 5000–10000 minutes of life back or 4 extra hours of free time in my week. Because its so quiet, my commute is a lot less stressful; I didn’t realize it before the volt but most of my commute stress was nose related.
  • It is incredibly automated. I just get in and drive it. Everything from de fogging to releasing the parking brake is done automatically.
  • Really good sound system. Which I can play at a reasonable volume because I don’t have to drown out the road noise.
  • At night, I feel like I’m driving the bat mobile because it feels like its gliding.
  • The electric motor gives it great pickup at all speeds.

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