Always Learning: The Good Will Hunting Method

There’s a scene in the movie Good Will Hunting where Matt Damon tells this stuck-up guy in a  bar:

” You blew $150,000 on an education you could have gotten for a $1.50 in late charges at the public library.”

Bar Scene from Good Will Hunting

Something I’ve done for years is prowl around college bookstores about the time the term starts and see what textbooks were selected for what classes. If the textbooks are good, I often buy them and read them on my own. Right now I have textbooks on my bookshelf on:

  • Molecular Biology
  • Protein Structure
  • Biomechanics
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Astronomy
  • Architecture

I’m always learning. I call this the Good Will Hunting method, because why should I pay some university a bunch of money for a piece of paper?


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